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Product Description

Power 7w 12w 20w
Type Of Chip cob
Lumiinous >100LM/W
3000k 4000k 6500K
CRI Ra≥90
Beam Angle 15°/25°/35°
Working  Life ≥40000hrs*
SHAPE Cylinder
Material Aliuminium
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Product Advantages

 1 Convenient installation

This design eliminates complex installation accessories such as brackets. It will increase installation efficiency in several times .

2 Efficient quick charging scheme

This product adopts the latest quick charging scheme, and charging efficiency can be up to 50% higher than similar products. For example, similar products use 6V/12W solar panel and peak charging current is 2A; our product uses 4V/12W solar panel and the peak charging current is 3A. By comparison, the charging efficiency of our products has been improved by 50% 4.3 Multiple Functional Models Our product has three brightness, including radar mode for whole night, constant lighting mode for whole night, and switch to radar mode after constant light mode.

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Packaging & Shipping

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-We must test very light before packing

-We will send the goods to after your payment, and you will be receive them within 2 weeks

- Carton size:55*42*50

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Shipping Details

Goods can be sent by air, by sea , by express

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Aina-4 Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


 E-mail: sales@aina-4.com

 Website: https://www.ainalight.co 

Why Choose Aina

1,High quality products

2,More than12years of export and production experience .

3,All products have to pass strict inspection .

4,Fast delivery.

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Post time: Jun-11-2021