Split solar street light

1.Product Overview

The split solar street light :The split solar light is a solar panel and the lamp is separated. The split solar street lights are more flexible compared to all in one Integrated Solar Street light. The solar panel can be adjusted according to the sunlight to absorb maximum heat but if the panel doesn’t get enough sunlight, it will work for shorter hours.

2.Product Detais

Model Power SolarPanel LED Battery
AN-S-ST-60W 60W 6V/8W 120PCS 3.2V/6000ma
AN-S-ST-90W 90W 6V/15W 140PCS 3.2V/6000ma
AN-S-ST-120W 120W 6V/18W 120PCS 3.2V/20000ma                                                                                   
AN-S-ST-240W 240W 6v/25W 240PCS 3.2V/30000ma                                                                                   
AN-S-ST-280W 280W 6v/30W 304PCS 3.2V/24000ma                                                                                   
AN-S-ST-300W 300W 6v/35W 304PCS 3.2V/36000ma
AN-S-ST-360W 360W 6v/35W 360PCS 3.2V/40000ma                                                                                   
AN-S-ST-460W 460W 6v/35W 1020PCS 3.2V/36AH


3.Remote controller

1.Pressing the Key “AUTO” the light will automatically turn on in the dark and turn off to charge in the day.

2.You can adjust the brightness of the light

3.Pressing the key “3H5H8H”Can be set 3 hours, 5 hours, 8 hours constant lighting mode


4.Product Features

4.1The split solar street light include:Li-thium Battery StorageThermal Vonvection、Rust-proof Screw and High Brightness LED


4.2Charging faster,working long time.


4.3The light uses high level led chip which is energy saving and more steady. This kind of led chip dissipates less heat when glows,so the light can be more durable and energy saving.

In addition,the light color is more clear with higher color rendering index.


4.4If there is a thunderstormIt’s also waterproof


5.Product Packaging

To better ensure the safety of your goods, professional, environmentally friendly, convenient and efficient packaging services will be provided.


6.Product application scenario



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